It started 15 years ago

We resigned our jobs in New York City

Purchased this little restaurant in Colonia, New Jersey

We experienced lots and lots of challenges

Ups and downs.....

It was very difficult especially in the beginning


As time passed by

We made a lot of friends and lifetime customers

They are not just friends

They are great friends for life

They became our family

With all your support and encouragement

All these challenges and difficulties became our opportunities 

Here, we would like to say "Thank You" for your support all these years


Today, we are thrilled to announce this wonderful news to you

We are expanding our business with a new name








Three In One stands for WOK, BAR & GRILL.

More importantly, it represents our three children and their favorite colors.

The logo also has a hidden meaning

on what we hope as they grow up -

they will always care and help each other as a team, together as ONE.


David and Cindy



Life is Great with good friends, delicious food and a glass of wine!

"Three" Best Things on Earth!