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It’s almost a tradition for us to close on the first week of July

so that we can spend time with our children,

and our kitchen staffs can spend time with their families.

It’s very true that no amount of money

or success can take the place of the time spent with our children. 

Our logo means a lot to us.

The three dots represent our children and their favorite colors.

We always remind them that they will all grow in different directions yet

our root remains as ONE (the big circle on our logo).

This is what Three In One truly means, always as ONE(family). 

Thank you all for being our valued customers.

We are so grateful for your continue love & support of our family business.

Special thanks to those who helped us babysit our kids

(or kept them entertained at the restaurant) when they were young,

those who supported us during our difficult times

and those who lent a hand unconditionally

when we needed it all these years.

They are customers, then friends,

then friends that become family.

We’re forever thankful for your friendship, understanding & kindness.


“Treasure the friends that stay true behind your back.

Spend time with those you love.

One of these days you will either say I wish I had or I am glad I did.” ❤️


Much Love,
David and Cindy


Life is Great with good friends, delicious food and a glass of wine!

"Three" Best Things on Earth! 


Fresh Mojitos

Fresh Mojitos

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